What I’ve Learned And Where To Go From Here

Before I start going on about this project and the changes I’m considering (and before I ask for your feedback on these changes), I want to say thank you.

Thank you for having some agency in your life and being proactive about it. And thanks for letting me in.

Thank you for being an early adopter. As comedian John Mulaney said, you’re doing a thing and it’s much easier to not do a thing. Thanks for choosing this thing.

Thanks for reading this. Reading takes time and I appreciate it.


I started doing this because I saw and heard tons of bad and possibly — mostly — harmful advice floating around. I wanted to do good and help people, using skills I have spent time honing and practicing, and by sharing experiences that have radically changed — and dramatically improved — my life.

The method I have been tinkering with and crystallizing is revolutionary. It has to potential to radically change the world for the better, if I do my job well.

I wasn’t sure what the best ways of going about this were. I want to be unflinchingly honest and authentically true to my life’s purpose and, so far, I think I’m hitting the bullseye.

To be honest, this site and my activities related to it, particularly in the psychedelic, self-help, and self-development communities, started as an experiment.

I decided to go on sites like Reddit and Quora and give advice for free and I expected nothing in return. So many wannabe “bloggers” and phony “experts” were out in force, spam-plugging their awful “desperate-to-monetize” blogs and vlogs, where they essentially parrot (and in some cases, steal) other people’s work (and in most cases, work that doesn’t help people — it just sounds “help-y”, like it might work).

In order to compete with these phonies and crooks, I linked to resources I found helpful as well as articles on my site, noting that I wasn’t using pressure tactics or selling anything on my site — linking to my blog posts in order to to avoid writing massive forum posts no one would read. The articles I posted were answers to the questions I saw the most, so that I wouldn’t have to spend most of my time typing (and could have more time to answer more people).

Thanks to my “just helping” internet campaign, I’ve gotten thank-yous from people whose lives I’ve saved. People literally telling me that my advice kept them from suicide or crippling mistakes.

And it felt good. Damn good.

I made the primary URL robertdavispodcast.com because I believed that video was the most popular medium for giving advice and talking with people on the internet. I believed (and still believe) that I possess all the tools to be a top-tier podcaster.

My video team are an amazing couple who, in my opinion, do terrific work. And my guests are amazing people that I’m grateful to know. This podcast has brought people closer together and I appreciate that.

But the fact of it is that I really don’t enjoy booking podcast guests, querying people about appearing, “convincing” people, etc.

It sucks the life out of me.

And, while the podcast episodes have some genuine wisdom and inspiring nuggets, the ability to consistently book this thing might be slightly beyond what I’m willing to endure, time-wise and agony-wise. The amount of time I have had to spend compared with the actual result has been unfathomably inefficient.

If someone sees potential in my podcast that I’m not seeing, feel free to reach out. Otherwise, I’m going to put it on hold. The time I’ve spent on podcasting could have been spent selling my paintings, giving presentations, or learning to surf.

I tried to fill the holes in my podcast schedule with “Daily Thoughts” videos (which aren’t daily), but, again, the time investment just doesn’t seem to be worth it. I envisioned an off-the-cuff, raw format where I could just talk about whatever I’ve been thinking about (as long as it’s on-topic and on-mission) but still manage to make it fun and interesting.

I succeeded with the raw honesty part, but how fun are they to watch? While these videos have been good practice and I’ve learned a lot, I can’t say I can completely stand behind them as a quality “product”. I don’t believe in pumping out bullshit, so I think I’m going to stop (unless anybody out there has been legitimately helped/inspired/whatever, which seems unlikely).

Months ago, I knew I was working on something truly world-shaking, but I had to piece it together.

And while conducting this experiment, I have been coaching friends and loved ones in their lives (and guiding them through psychedelic Initiations, ceremonies, and experiences, when need be) as well as with their businesses and organizations and the results have been astonishing — revelatory, even. Anxious, depressed, unmotivated people who felt they had no meaning or purpose in their lives are now blossoming and flourishing.

And it is truly awesome!

I have done this coaching and guiding out of the love in my heart and at my own expense. I don’t need the validation (“Validate Yourself!” is one of my firm beliefs), but a few very public “Thank you for changing my life, dude!” posts will go a long way toward helping me to turn this into a movement that can have just as dramatic an effect on the world as it had on you.

The method (lifestyle choice, really) I developed for Changing and Developing Personality as a way of “curing” many mental health issues, finding inspiration and motivation, living life with purpose and meaning, having that elusive “happy life”, and positively impacting the world… is AMAZING.

I bumbled onto this path, trying to heal myself, and found a way of changing the world for the better. I put in long hours and an insane amount of work transforming my “story” into a method that almost anyone can do, bullshit-free, that starts yielding results right away. It’s truly a blessing.

This lifestyle choice /method is the magical fruit that crystallized out of this experiment. Now, I have to scale this project up so that it has a grander, more meaningful impact.

So I need your HELP. How’s that for a switcheroo?

Can I get some feedback on these ideas, before I go around making dumb mistakes? I don’t want to stumble into it as I have every other step of the way.

I’m considering:

Hosting Workshops. I can teach important things for the psychedelic community, such as Preparation and Integration (things I am a master of), finding the “gold” at the end of the psychedelic rainbow, etc.

I can also teach workshops on finding your purpose/mission/meaning, living an inspired life, living your truth, taking conscious control of your evolution, letting go, etc.

All of this is part of my mission and a hands-on workshop would be awesome. Not sure where to start, but why should that slow me down?

Life Coaching. I already do this for a handful of people and relish the thought of doing more.

Ceremony Guidance. I get emails from people who want to try my method but are (rightfully, in many cases), afraid to attempt a proper Initiation experience alone. I have a lot of experience in this area and can do more. I know mental health and harm reduction professionals who could assist me. I could even set up a network of vetted, responsible guides, so that you can have someone in your area to call on. I can help “experienced” folks find the gold that they might have been missing. Honestly, I could even devise a “shaman certification system” to help make sure that cash-grabbing psychos aren’t out there mis-using this medicine. It’s long overdue.

Business Consulting. I have helped a few companies to become profitable with inspired, clear missions and conscious impact. There’s no reason I can’t do more of this.

Writing a Book outlining and detailing the nuts-and-bolts of my method in a way that exceeds the obvious limitations of the blog format.

Something resembling Art Therapy. I know a few fresh-out-of-school mental health would-be professionals I could partner up with. There is real magic in working with your hands and using creative parallels to open yourself up to fundamental life change. It fits well with the method I teach and enriches life overall.

Public Speaking. I’m pretty good at it, though still a bit raw. Why not speak publicly as much as I can? I have a message that people need. I’m passionate and enthusiastic about delivering it.

Continuing to Offer Free Advice. I don’t see a benefit in halting this practice. Of course, time will be the ultimate judge. There might even be other platforms for doing this more efficiently or on a larger scale that I hadn’t considered.

I have to:

Tighten up and polish this website — without sacrificing authenticity or going against my mission. And that includes making robertnathandavis.com my primary URL. I’m thinking about offering themed sections rather than an open blog people have to sift through.

Come up with some sort of “marketing materials”. A brochure? Feels weird. I’ll have to figure it out.

Find new ways to get people excited about life and the possibilities awaiting them. That’s why you’re here, right?

I also have to consider that there may be some other options out there, that I haven’t considered. Of course, if a better way appears, I’ll take it.

Thanks for reading this far. Let me know your thoughts.