Robert Davis Podcast Ep 3 is UP! — And it’s Free

On Saturday, I had a conversation with Neal M. Goldsmith, PhD and we hit on all kinds of topics, including psychedelic research, Vipassana meditation, and the vital importance of integration in the form of a Daily Practice (I capitalized this phrase because I have a major blog post and a handful of videos on the way, helping you to build your own daily practice for yourself).

We also discussed developmental psychology and shared some fun and interesting stories. Dr. Neal is an interesting guy and something of a 21st century psychedelic legend and it was a real treat getting to have a relatively uninterrupted one on one with him. We also discuss the tremendous art of Isaac Abrams as well as excellent resources such as and

Throughout the episode, I tried to occasionally reference Dr. Neal’s terrific book, Psychedelic Healing. As regular readers know, I reference it often — especially on message boards where people are looking for advice. Due to the odd legality of psychedelics (depending on where you live), good, detailed information on how to responsibly make safe, proper use of what might be the best tool in the toolbox for quite a few serious issues can be a hard thing to come by.

While I share my methods (I don’t mind being out of the psychedelic closet), Psychedelic Healing goes into greater depth on the process than I can offer on a blog or in a podcast; so if you’re serious about psychedelic therapy for yourself and understand that integration after your trip(s) is probably the most vital ingredient, pick up a copy of Dr. Neal’s book.

You won’t be disappointed.

Again, both Hayato and  Tomoko Iki were on hand to capture video with two cameras and everything I do with them is better because they are on my team.

I started working with a new microphone (a Blue Yeti) and I love the way it sounds and feels. I hope you enjoy the improved audio quality.

If you go on youtube, be sure to subscribe to my channel. Show off that you’re a brave “early adopter” and please don’t hesitate to tell your friends. I’m doing this out of love and love is stronger when it’s shared between people who care for each other.

And check back soon — I’m going to start diving into the nitty gritty of building an effective Daily Practice that you can use to build the life that will fulfill you and make you happy for the long term.

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