Robert Davis Podcast Ep 2 is UP! — And it’s Free

On Saturday, I had a conversation with Christopher Kelley, PhD and we talked about Buddhism, psychedelics, and life.

We spent a good deal of the episode discussing self-development and cures for depression and anxiety. I think one of the big takeaways is that life and “self” is whatever you build them up to be.

Taking responsibility for your life, your beliefs, your personality, and your “truth” is challenging and takes time. And work. But it’s ultimately worth the effort.

We talked about the current political climate and pondered whether Trump is an unwitting Buddha, playing the part of cretinous monster in order to get us to pay closer attention to the world outside of our heads and to encourage us to participate in our communities and the larger world.

I do believe that any political system can work and any economic system can be viable, if our consciousness is evolved to the point where we prioritize cooperation and understanding among people(s) and we have our best interests at heart as a species. I didn’t get a chance to pick Chris’s brain on this topic, but I have a feeling that we will have another sit-down in the future and I’ll make a point to bring it up!

Chris and I shared some fun stories and shared some observations about this funny world and this never-dull life.

I am very fortunate to have had both Hayato and  Tomoko Iki, a terrific photographer couple, recording the video. I’m also  fortunate o have friends and acquaintances like Christopher Kelley that I can sit down and have awesome conversations with.

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