Robert Davis Podcast Ep 1 is UP! — And it’s Free

 On Sunday, I had a conversation with Vito Roccoforte and we talked about his musical journey from high school through the present.

We spent a good deal of the episode discussing The Rapture (maybe being an indie rock star for over a decade is pretty memorable?) and I think one of the big takeaways is that loving what you do, staying true to yourself, committing and following through, and persistence are important keys to success. And if success doesn’t come, you can still look in the mirror and be proud of what you see.

“Making it” in the music world is difficult. “Making it” as a team (a band, in this case), is even harder.

Loving what you’re doing makes it easier to keep going when it isn’t fun (and nothing is all fun all the time). It’s a point that Vito makes a few times and at interesting moments in the podcast and I recommend you to listen to it. Vito succeeded at something that more than 99.99% of people who try fail at. I failed at it in spectacular fashion. People who are infinitely more talented than I could ever hope to be have also failed to make a dent in the music world.

If you listen to the Rapture’s releases, you can hear them improving from record to record. I draw a parallel to this podcast in that the “self-help expert” that I paint myself as sees and hears all of my mistakes and flaws in episode 1. I have to continually upgrade my gear and practice my skills so that I can be as good at this as I can be.

I was very fortunate to have Tomoko Iki, a supremely talented and artistic photographer, recording the video. And I’m also fortunate that my graphic design and music-making skills are more refined than my hosting ability. And I’m most fortunate of all to have friends and acquaintances like Vito Roccoforte that I can sit down and have awesome conversations with.

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