Podcast Episode 3 —-

This Saturday, I’m sitting down for a conversation with Neal Goldsmith, PhD, Psychotherapist, lecturer, author of Psychedelic Healing and curator / MC of the annual Horizons psychedelics conference.

Neal and I have had a few conversations in recent years about art, music, and religion. I’ve heard his core lecture a few times and I think he has a great story. I sometimes recommend his book to confused and disturbed people on Reddit because I think it can help them. I look forward to digging in and asking him how much his life has changed since releasing his book and what the future of Horizons might be.

It will be Episode 3 of The Robert Davis Podcast and I will submit it to iTunes and upload it to Youtube as quickly as I can. I expect it to be up by Wednesday.

Don’t miss Episode 3! It’s going to be a doozy!

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