Podcast Episode 1 —

This Sunday, I’m sitting down for a conversation with Vito Roccoforte, co-founder of the Rapture, co-owner of Throne of Blood Records, and collaborator on and producer of a bunch of new music.

We’ve been acquaintances since 2010. I was such a huge dork that, when we met, I asked him what his passion was. He told me he was a musician in a band — I had no idea who the Rapture were. I just knew that I was talking with someone who I felt I had a lot in common with.

I hope you’re as curious about his journey as I am.

It will be Episode 1 of The Robert Davis Podcast and I will submit it to iTunes and upload it to Youtube as quickly as possible. I don’t know how long this process takes, but it should be available in some form on Monday night or Tuesday morning.

I have more guests lined up, including Christopher Kelley and Neal Goldsmith, two PhDs who are active in the psychedelic community.

I don’t want to bog you down with information. Just check out Episode 1 on Sunday!