On Hold

What a fun journey this site had been!

This site represents an important part of my growth. It was a ridiculous first attempt, a hobby run amok.

Through it, I found what I was looking for and how to start doing it right. I’ll leave the old blog posts hidden here for posterity’s sake (in case someone finds them through a search, because I do believe they might be helpful).

I’m most proud of the podcast attempt. The three episodes showed rapid improvement from one to two to three. I learned a valuable skill and I appreciate my friends who came through in helping me record it and in being guests. When I have the ability to do it in a way where it doesn’t dominate and degrade my life, I’d like to bring the podcast back. When that happens, this site will change again to a microsite devoted exclusively to the podcast. I took down the audio versions (sorry, but nobody was listening and it cost me a monthly fee to host).

I believe that you have to fearlessly pursue a vision and be courageous enough to fail as well as you can. This site is a testament to that belief. This is one of my failures.

I’ll link to the new blog site as soon as it’s presentable. And this cute placeholder will be gone entirely when the podcast re-launches. So, enjoy the adorable dove above.