Lemon Balm — Every Mystic’s Friend

Lemon Balm Tea works like magic.

It dramatically reduces nausea, soothes anxiety, relaxes and calms, and improves your mood.

It is perfect to help ease the mind before meditating or while reading or creating.

I had a problem purging too soon with Ayahuasca and occasionally felt “psychedelic vertigo” on certain trips where is was hard to feel comfortable for small stretches.

I poked around on the internet and read about Chamomile (which I knew about) and Lemon Balm (which was new to me).

I didn’t like how chamomile tended to color experiences in a less-than-ideal way (which is why I tend not to use it unless I need help sleeping) and decided to give Lemon Balm a try on my most recent Ayahuasca journey.

I made a pot of Lemon Balm Tea and sipped some about 45 minutes before my first cup of brew and sipped it throughout the night. I didn’t purge by throwing up and it didn’t happen until the experience was almost over! And the purge was light, gentle, and kind of pleasant. There was slight nausea for the first hour or so after downing the brew and then it faded.

The Lemon Balm’s vibe had perfect synergy with the brew and helped to “ease into it” more, which allowed me to go deeper and actually enjoy it all the way through — even during the jarring parts.

Best of all for Ayahuasca drinkers, Lemon Balm is MAOI safe.

Since then, I have had cups of it when meditating, writing, painting, working on music, and during other types of psychedelic exploration. No exaggeration; Lemon Balm made everything better. As long as you don’t suffer with a mint allergy, you should pick some up right away. I like Traditional Medicinals’ organic Lemon Balm Tea. Get it here.

If you have a yard, you should grow it because bees love it and I imagine butterflies probably do, too. The flowers are supposed to smell nice. Who doesn’t want the yard to smell better?

It’s an amazing plant helper and every witch, wizard, shaman, guide, artist, visionary, and psychonaut should have some in her medicine cabinet.

Note: It’s not a balm made from lemon. It’s a plant — https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lemon_balm It’s in the mint family — smells like lemon, tastes somewhat minty. It’s a good palate cleanser for medicines that taste horrible (like San Pedro, for example).

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