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I am available for Guiding, Life Coaching, Private Workshops, and Consulting. I prefer to work in person, but I can be available for sessions on Skype. Everyone’s needs are different. You might need a guiding hand from Initiation through the gradual work of tinkering with and fine-tuning your personality, beliefs, and habits. You might only need one or two sessions just to get yourself comfortable and feeling “on track”. You might have other, unique ideas.

Use the contact form and let me know what kind of service(s) you’re interested in. I’ll send you a questionnaire in order to more accurately determine your needs and schedule our first session.

Note: I’m not a therapist. I offer these services to fulfill a temporary need. I don’t want to build up a base of lifetime “customers”. My belief is that most people can get themselves to a state of joyful living and don’t need a permanent Guide/Coach/Consultant. I don’t list prices here because everyone’s needs are different and everyone’s budgets are different. People with larger budgets are usually more set in their ways and need more work to free themselves. If you’re not willing to invest in your future, how can you take your growth seriously? Also, I won’t provide any substance or service that is illegal, so don’t ask.